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Why Temples are important?

Hinduism is an ancient religion which has stood the test of time and onslaughts. It has continued its existence as the singularly and statistically biggest and oldest religion in India. But now it meets the misfortune of being neglected by its own followers. This is due to the fact that there is a lack of proper understanding of its tenets and principles.The temples are the centres which offer infinite peace to the mind of man.

Temples act as bridges linking both science and philosophy- Science sees many in one and philosophy sees one in many…

The present generation has started questioning the age-old concepts. For example, why worship at the temple? Why not at home? Why spend so much money on poojas? Hinduism is the religion which encourages questions always.If we look Bhagawat Gita and say epics everything has been mentioned in a very logical and rational way.Lord Krishna even says towards the end to Arjuna that eventhough he has told all these things still it’s up to Arjuna to discriminate what is correct and to do what he thinks is best… It’s very good that one asks questions like this, because if it’s sincere because that can surely lead hem to the right path just like Swami Vivekananda did .

Temple remind us that each human being has “divine nature and destiny”; They help us everyone in growing together in love and faithfulness. But all of these requires proper understanding and discrimination.

Basically what temples tell us is that the there is the presence of divinity in everyone. We should be able to see divinty in the whole creation just like we see divinity in the idol.It’s said that one can be born in a temple but should not die in a temple which again points to the fact that in the beginning we need all these for our spiritual progress but in a later stage we should become temple ourselves ie; we should be peaceful and should radiate peace to others too..There are many other reasons too which I will post later.

So because we  are not in such a stage now we should understand the importance of temples right from this very moment… NAMAH SHIVAYA!!!!


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